Latest 20 Baby Poems | Birthday Poems

Latest 20 Baby Poems | Birthday Poems

1.A baby changes the way you look

A baby changes the way you look at life 
A baby changes the way you look at things 
First it's you who matter the most 
And now it's your baby you love the most 
Some things change and it's for good 
This bond is rear and special touch wood
Baby changes the way you think 
Congrats that you are now a mother 
Of innocent baby and that smile 
Will melt you in time and while 
Congrats you are a mother of a child
Hope you have an amazing time in life 
Congrats once again!

That twirling on the bed

That tingling and twirling on the bed 
I am so blessed to have you around 
You look like a loving doll to me 
It's all your precious love that surrounds 
My baby girl I love you so much 
So pure as your loving touch 
I want that you stay blessed 
And never lose that angelic smile of yours
You are the sunshine of my life 
I wish that you always shine so bright 
You are to me my world my angel 
And you bring a radiant light 
To my life..My little daughter!

You are the sunshine

You are the sunshine that I long for 
You are mine and reason so strong 
My days would not have been the same 
It's just your eyes that speak to me 
And your giggle and the glee 
Such a wonderful gift of life you are 
You shine like the star 
My blessings are with my baby girl 
Whose so cute and innocent 
Just wish that you get everything in life 
And your fate be really good 
Have a blessed life from your mom
Be happy 'Touchwood'!

My Beautiful Angel

Once upon a time I prayed to God for an angel, 
To enter my life, to make it happy and joyful, 

A few days ago that little angel popped in my womb
I knew my angel was more beautiful than even the moon. 

The first time she kicked to make me feel her presence, 
I wrapped my arms around my little excrescence 

Today I gave birth to that little piece of love
She's a piece of my heart, who's purer than a dove. 

The little angel in my arms is sweeter than a marshmallow, 
And she is so beautiful even without a halo. 
So cute and cuddly are your ways


I am so blessed these days 
For getting you the prettiest shoes 
For getting you the pink dress 
My baby you look so cute with that crib 
You make my world so wonderful 
With you my moments are worth living 
Angel you have made my life beautiful 
Your mom is happy that you are in life
You make me happy and you make me smile 
All the way and every while 
I am so delighted that you are a part of my life 
Love you little princess!

I remember each moment with you:

I remember each moment when I took you in my arms 
Held you on my side and hugged you tight 
You were so tiny then my sweet angel 
Now that you are have grown too big 
I just want to thank you for coming in my life 
My cute and sweet daughter 
You have filled my life with your awesome smile 
You are the best gift in my life 
Without you I won't survive 
Bless you my sweet princess 
And may you always smile in life!

I Will Fight For You

It does not matter if you're a boy or a girl, 
I will fight with the whole world to treat you well; 

Your tiny little hands and your tender sweet lips, 
Can't wait to see you my dear and feel your kiss; 

My dear child the first time when you begin to speak, 
My heart will be at it's highest possible peak; 

And if you ever fall and hurt yourself, 
I will teach you how to get up and walk myself; 

I will take care of you and make you grow nice and strong, 
So that even when I am gone, you can live life long. 

Those little hands

Those little feet and tiny hands, 
It will take time to understand, 
Face like an angel sleeping so tight, 
Brightens the day and night, 
Congrats on birth of your baby doll, 
Your life will take a turn and roll!

The first time I took you:

The first time I took you in my hands 
Something moved me completely 
Like a new life I gave birth too 
It felt as if the world is new 
So happy that you have come in my life 
You have completed me in every sense 
You have made me a mom 
I am so blessed to have this feeling 
So happy that you are mine 
It is a feeling so pure and so divine 
Thanks for making me complete 
Thanks for making me a mom my sweet 
Little bundle of joy!

She is your world

Count your blessings not once but twice, 
Because she is born so wise, 
Because she is an angel, 
Without her, now you won't survive, 
The little one in your arm, 
And her precious and graceful charm, 
Congrats on your baby girl!

Celebrate Life

I grow older and people celebrate, 
Please make me understand the logic my mate.
Along came a little one jumping in joy, 
Little does he know anything more than a toy.
But made me realize with great strife, 
That birthday is just another reason to celebrate life.
Happy Birthday!

A Real Happy Birthday

Day by day a year went by, 
Today is my birthday and I am wondering what to buy.
Clothes, chocolates, shoes and bags, 
There seem to be a whole lot I want to drag.
Not for me but for the little ones who can't afford, 
And my humble help puts me in their hearts well stored.
Happy Birthday!

Hope is one

Hope is one word that changes everything, 
You hope for something and you get 
You hope for change and you don't fret 
You hope to make your life perfect 
Of all the things that will reflect 
Your hope if strong will get you there 
Just hold your ground and be there 
Happy birthday to you! 
Have a lovely day!

Its never toolate

Ok I know I am a bit late, 
But, I just wish your birthday was great, 
I am sorry to wish you this way, 
I don't really have words to say, 
Happy belated birthday to you, 
May this day also be bright for you!
Stay blessed!

Your voice has the solace of life

Your voice has so much of poise 
Your love has no condition at all 
Whenever I have a fall in life 
You always pick me 
And ask me to stand tall 
Your love is a reflection of your heart 
The heart that beats in me 
There cannot be any other loving 
and caring granny like you to see 
You are pure love and wise 
You can be called as super nice 
The best granny in the whole world 
And I am proud you are mine 
Happy birthday my granny dear!

You and me

You and I are never the same, 
Its life that has to be put to blame, 
But, still there is a connection of sought, 
I wish well for you from my each thought, 
That is the magic of having you in my life, 
You have taught me the value of strive, 
I love you brother, 
There is no one like you or other, 
Wishing you a very happy birthday, 
Stay blessed!

Its hard to find

A son like you is hard to find, 
Of all the things you do
You are truly special, 
Truly one in few, 
It feels so proud to have a lovely son like you
Happy birthday to you
Stay blessed!

We used to

We used to like not talk for days, 
And that was even worse, 
But, then I used to think, 
Let's just reimburse, 
The bond that we share, 
So, I do really care
For you my bro, 
Here is wishing you happy birthday!

Happy Birthday My to-be Wife

I give you a birthday gift in the present, 
And promise to do so every year in the future.
Love, you are a part of my life, 
And very soon I want to see you as my beloved wife.
Your birthday is another reason to celebrate, 
Our bond of love that feels so great.

If you want to be there

If you are determined to reach your goal 

  • You will reach where you want to 
There is no need to do things that you can't do 
If something is made for you 
You will have to wait for it 
For you will get that through 
So just walk on your way and reach the place 
Coz that will be your only grace 
Be as you are and the best will come 
Its your birthday so have some fun 
Happy birthday to you! 
God bless you!

Cuddle her tight

The cuddly and cute little baby girl,
The smile so bright and sweet,
The sparkle in her smile,
All the way and all the while,
Be blessed with her around,
The motherly love that surround,
Congrats on your baby girl!

Nine months of sweat and nurture:

Nine months of sweat and nurture
Nine months of that gain and pain
But it's all worth when I saw you
I forgot and I smiled in vain
It's a feeling so awesome I can't describe
A feeling that changes it all in life
Having you in my arms and cuddling you
Has changed me for better in due
Thank you my baby for making me a mom
Know that to you truly I belong
To you I give my all in life
You have made me a mom
I am so proud of this fact along
You made me complete my baby!

Life will be wonderful:

Nothing can go wrong in your life,
Because you have a blessing with you,
With two little tiny feet,
And, wonderful tiny heart beat,
Your baby boy will be blessed,
Is my only prayer for you,
Congrats on your baby boy!

I remember each moment with you:

I remember each moment when I took you in my arms
Held you on my side and hugged you tight
You were so tiny then my sweet angel
Now that you are have grown too big
I just want to thank you for coming in my life
My cute and sweet daughter
You have filled my life with your awesome smile
You are the best gift in my life
Without you I won't survive
Bless you my sweet princess
And may you always smile in life!

The two small feet:

The two little boots on the side,
All the rules to abide,
This is the time when you will realize,
The true meaning of being so wise,
Its the time for change
A time for a new beginning,
Congrats on your baby boy,
This beautiful phase, just enjoy!

When I see you little girl:

When I see you my little girl
I feel so proud like the twirl
I feel so good to see you smile
I feel so blessed in extra mile
I know that life is incomplete
Without seeing a smile on your face
Baby I love you so much
With that pleasant and loving grace
My angel, I wish you get all the happiness
Everything you truly deserve in life
Baby you stay in my heart,
You will always remain a special part
I love you so much my little Angel!

New phase of life:

A new phase of your life,
Things that may be tough for you,
But, get that all in few,
Because this is all be,
Your cute little baby girl with you,
So, don't feel so blue,
Enjoy this phase through!
Congrats on baby girl!

You are too cute:

You were so cute as I could see
Just as the drop of dew
Everything just so great
And things look oh so new
My cute little doll that you are
I may wish that you shine like a star
It's such a great feeling to take you in my arms
So lucky that you are born to me
My baby girl and my life to thee
Your mom loves you too much
So innocent is your touch
Can't stay without you now
Coz you are a part of my life!

Everything will be fun:

Pink should be your favorite color now,
Because in pink she would look so vow,
Talking about your little cutie pie,
Of all that funny cry,
Your world is now colorful,
Everything will be wonderful,
Congrats on your baby girl!

Cuddles and joy:

So many hugs and cuddles,
A bright smile on the face,
Running from tip to toe,
Difficult is this chase,
So are you ready to play with your baby,
Congrats on the arrival of your baby!

With all your might:

With open arms,
And dreams so new,
As the world will welcome you,
With new hopes and new beginnings,
The time will come soon,
Be ready for your new role,
Coz your life will change on the whole,
So, wait for your turn!

When your fingers touch mine:

When your fingers touch mine
When you hold my fingers so tight
I am in some other world
I find it so awesome to find
Baby angel you are all mine
So precious that you are like a gem
The shine that will never kindle away
Your smile just melts my heart
I feel blessed that you are a part
My angel may you always have that smile
So that happiness never leaves your side
I love you so much my little princess
Will love you all being so kind!

Its life when I know:

It is life when a tiny hand
Clutches your hand and smile
It's a feeling which is out of the world
It is a feeling so surreal
Thank you my baby for coming in my life
For completing me as a person
I can't thank you enough for happiness
Can't thank you enough for the smile
You are and will always be for me
You are my happiness in every while
I promise that I will love you
Forever and ever in my life!

Light up your life:

So full of life, so full of joy,
It's your sweet little baby boy,
Your life will be full of spark,
He will lighten up your life,
Whenever there is dark,
Be blessed on the arrival of your baby boy,
With the sweet sound of toy!

Bundle of joy:

Your bundle of joy is coming to you,
To make your life complete,
Joy in the heart is what you see,
Because life will be a treat,
For you,
So wait for your baby's arrival and through!
God bless the two of you!

From the day:

From the day I saw you,
You stay in my heart,
And, now my only wish is
That we never ever part
Because I love you so much
And, I long for your touch,
Happy birthday sweetheart!

You Are My Prince:

Once in a lifetime you meet someone new,
Who comes into your life, totally out of the blue.
And then, you begin to believe life is a fairytale,
Beautiful, wonderful, worth living and insane.
Thank you for being my prince!
Happy Birthday. 

You are the one:

Birthdays are occasions to enjoy, 
Birthdays are for fun, 
So let me wish today, 
For me whose number one, 
That is my boy, my heart and soul, 
You have the most special role, 
In my life you know, 
I don't have much to show, 
Apart from love, 
Happy birthday sweetheart!

You are so cool you know:

You are so cool and you know my style 
You are there in my every while 
You understand me like no one else 
You are to me so sweet 
On this special day my grandpa
I just have a wish to greet 
That you stay healthy and hearty in life
You are the reason why I strive
Happy birthday to you grandpa
Stay blessed!

It is the purest age of life:

65 is the purest age of life 
You have lived a life so content 
There is not much left to intent 
Still there are many wishes in the heart 
You want to make a start 
You slow down as you age 
You never really lose your grace
Your love only increases for family 
As you want to see everyone so happy 
You want to see everyone and smile 
Also be alone for the while 
65 is the great year to enjoy your life 
So live your life to the fullest 
You have a great time ahead in life!
Happy 65th birthday to you!

Birthday special wishes to dad:

Birthday special wishes to a dad 
Who exceeds the expectations of being so good 
With you, life is like a breeze 
With you my life is lovely..Touch wood 
Things may change and situations too 
But I know that you will remain the same 
So proud, I feel my daddy dear
With pride when someone tells your name 
You are best in whatever you do 
That is the reason you are adorable to 
My dad my hero..I love you 
Happy birthday to you 
May God bless you!

My dear for you:

My dear wife, 
Do you know that we are made for each other, 
Coz you are perfect in every thing
There is no one like you or other
Because you are the reason of life
My pretty and sweet wife, 
Wish you a loving birthday!
Have an awesome day!

Its never too late:

Ok I know I am a bit late, 
But, I just wish your birthday was great, 
I am sorry to wish you this way, 
I don't really have words to say, 
Happy belated birthday to you, 
May this day also be bright for you!
Stay blessed!

I know that I haveMy Beloved Son:

You brighten up my world with your wonderful smile, 
It's been so good all this while, 
I am really blessed to have a son like you, 
My world seems perfect and new, 
Happy birthday son, 
Have all the fun, 
Enjoy yourself today! 
 you around:

I know that I have you around 
You have taught me so much dad 
I really cannot imagine living a life 
Where you are not there to guide me 
It's all the lessons of my life 
It's all that I have learned from you 
Dad I owe to so many things in life 
So many things that I want to tell you 
You have been an inspiration right from start 
I know that you are an important part 
Dad I love you so much 
Your ways and your loving touch 
Happiest birthday to you Dad!

I dont know why:

I don't know why I love you so much 
The reason is unknown to me as much 
But I know that without you I won't be able to live 
I know that its a pure thing that I feel 
Under range of emotions that I reel 
One thing is true that you are the one for me 
Its everywhere that you I can see 
Yes I love you and I can shout it aloud 
And I can gather all the crowd 
And say that you are the one 
I love you so much! 
Wishing a very happy birthday to you! 
Have a lovely day!

A Small Bargain:

I promise to keep all your secrets, 
If you promise me a small little treat.
It is an offer you will not regret, 
If I open my mouth you can make me dead meat.
Happy Birthday dear brother!

My handsome man:

My handsome man, 
On your special day today, 
Many things I want to say, 
To start with you have a special role in my life, 
And, I feel so blessed to be your wife, 
Happy birthday to you!
Have a super day so new!

The day that is

I will remember the day you were born, 
You used to cry a lot, 
Getting nostalgic on that thought, 
Life has come a long way
I just want to say
That you are truly the best, 
Love you a lot!
Happy birthday to you!

I dont know that you are my

My dear I do not know why I love you so much 
Your love has a magical touch 
When you are with me I forget everything 
When you are with me, I am not me 
My wife you do have an important role to play 
A play so good in my life and I know 
That this will stay forever and ever 
Coz you being in my life gives me strength
A real strength to survive my wife 
Happy birthday to you 
Keep smiling through!

My Beloved Son

You brighten up my world with your wonderful smile, 
It's been so good all this while, 
I am really blessed to have a son like you, 
My world seems perfect and new, 
Happy birthday son, 
Have all the fun, 
Enjoy yourself today! 

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