How To Add Watermark In Videos Easily

Add watermark to Video Easily Trick

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Hello, users today, I am back with a new amazing tutorial through this tutorial, you can add a watermark to your videos and upload to any site and save a copy of your video so now We start the movie.
First, install the download and open Camtasia Studio Search on Google and you can easily find it.

Now click on import media

 Then select any video

Then add your video to the timeline

Then click on produce And Share

Then select costume Production setting And click next

Now again Next click

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Next click

Now check include Watermark

Now select image in browse Image icon

This is your watermark position in the video

Now adjust the setting that suits you and click ok

 Now click next

Now write your video fileName

And click Finish

Congratulations You Have Successfully Added Watermark On Your Video

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