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Jazz free internet code 100 % working

Hi friends, hope you are all right. Friends today I'm going to share some amazing tips for you to enjoy the Jazz Free Internet. If you are a jazz user, then these tricks will work for you. In this article I am going to tell you a few free jazz free internet codes. Full details are given below

You can enjoy 100% free 5GB on your  Mobile ink jazz sim by following these steps

  1. Dail  internet code *117*9#  and get absolutely 5GB free internet on your data Sim then restart your mobile and enjoy
  2. Dail *117*91*2 #  to check the left MBs.
  3. Dial internet code *499# to free WhatsApp and Facebook for One month
  4. Dial *117*93*2# to free internet 50 GB on your data Sim
  5. Install jazzworld app in your mobile phone and get daily reward start 500 mbs free enjoy

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