Latest 20 Christmas Poems

Latest 20 Christmas Poems

1.Santa will bring to you                                                 

Santa will bring in that joy my child 
For you to get going and enjoy 
Santa will bring in that joy 
So that it reflects on your face 
Christmas is the time to stay happy 
And be blessed with your grace 
So have some goodies and that cake 
As you, have some memories to make 
Decorate the vibrant Christmas tree, 
Because that will give you a radiant glee 
Christmas is the time to enjoy and have a
Time of your life oh my dear 
So do cheer...Merry Christmas to you!

Jingle bells and cheer around

Jingle bell jingle bells ringing in my ear 
I am here to celebrate the Christmas with cheer 
With love of family and some amazing fun 
I want to do everything and be number one 
For Christmas is truly a blessed season 
And I do have every reason 
To do things that I want to do 
On this Christmas, I would spread the cheer 
Merry Christmas oh my dear!

Christmas is here

Oh the Christmas tree so nice, 
Please give me everything twice, 
May this Christmas you receive everything you desire, 
May you reach higher and higher, 
Is my prayer for you this Christmas, 
Stay blessed and happy this day, 
Merry Christmas to you, 
And a happy new year to stay! 

May you have a good time

May you have a good time this Christmas
Spread that peace in your heart 
Make someone your special pair 
Sing some great carols on that day 
You will have a wonderful way 
Spread the Christmas light my dear 
You will certainly have no fear 
Decorate that tree so bright 
Feel so good like that light 
Christmas just comes once a year 
So brighten your life with a smile 
Christmas is a happy time 
Make it more memorable all the while 
Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

The joy to look

This Christmas, 
There will be a new story to be told, 
So many things would unfold, 
With ringing bells all around, 
To sound of the carols that surround, 
This Christmas will surely be fun, 
As the celebrations have begun!

The time is running out

The Christmas time is running out 
I have not made my goodies as yet 
The Christmas bells are ringing loud 
Giving me a thought to set 
That Santa is coming to the town
Along with his jiggles and the sledge 
Its Christmas time and I will know 
I may have many things to show
It's Christmas and a wonderful time 
To feel happy and merry from inside 
It's the wonderful Christmas time 
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Look at my stocking

Look at my stocking at that tree 
I am waiting for my gift to see 
In the shiny Christmas light 
The radiance and things so bright 
Christmas is surely a happy time 
When nothing can go wrong aside 
Sing the merry Christmas song 
A season so lovely and so long 
Christmas is here for you 
Making merry and through 
Merry Christmas to you!

What Is Christmas About?

Christmas is all about giving.
Christmas is all about love.
Christmas is all about peace.
Christmas is all about joy.
May you be enveloped with bliss and cheer.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

This Christmas do what you like

This Christmas do what you feel like 
Shine and sparkle like that light 
Do charity and feel so good 
Do something that well make you all right 
This Christmas as you spread that cheer 
Take it to the heart my dear 
The message of peace that will give you 
The heartfelt things that you will do 
Spread that love and make the moments 
You will remember for a long time 
By singing the pretty Christmas chime 
Wishing you Merry Christmas all the way 
Have a super awesome day!

May The Sadness Be Replaced With Cheer

May the sadness and gloom in your life be replaced with never ending happiness and cheer!
Smile my dear, for the season of Christmas has finally arrived here!
Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

It is the time to cheer

Christmas is the time to cheer, 
Amidst all the festivities oh dear, 
In the name of thy Lord, 
Pray for peace in heart, 
Pray that you stay with your loved ones forever, 
Pray for that wonderful start, 
Blessed in the name of Almighty, 
With lovely thought, 
Merry Christmas to you!

Joy To The World

Joy to the world, a king has been born!
Here's wishing you and your families peace and prosperity this Christmas!
May the Lord send you His abundant blessings!
May you have a Merry Christmas and a Gratifying New Year!

The best days of life

The best memories all the way, 
Have your special say today, 
Decorate the tree with joy, 
Don't forget to enjoy, 
Because Christmas is special, 
It makes you smile, 
Merry Christmas to you!

Look at the white snow

Looking at the white Christmas 
I also feel that I am pure 
Christmas is a time to think 
You can be so sure, 
When you can do whatever you like 
There is nothing to hide 
Christmas is a time when you can celebrate 
With everyone alike
I will sing many songs this year 
And I will spread many smiles and cheer 
Hurrah! Christmas is here 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Gifts

As the busiest time of the year comes in the North Pole
Santa's elves are busy preparing gifts for the awaiting souls
The reindeer's are also busy doing their warm-ups every second, 
As they prepare themselves for the long journey that lies ahead.
The season of Christmas means lots and lots of gifts
May this year Santa Claus also gift you with abundant happiness.
Have a blessed Christmas.

I made a snowman

I made a lovely snowman on this day 
And I also made a wonderful star 
For my shining Christmas tree 
I made so many things for friends 
I made it from the glee
I wish to spread the joy all over this place 
For Christmas brings in a new phase 
And brightens up the life 
Merry Christmas to you! 
Spread the cheer too!

Serene Christmas

Sparkling bright tree this day, 
Calm and serene is the voice, 
There is serenity around, 
In every which voice, 
Because it is the special time, 
It is the Christmas time, 
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes For You

This Christmas I wish Santa Claus brings you lots of gifts, 
I wish this winter, your days are filled with only happiness. 
This Christmas, I wish you have lesser bruises and torn knees, 
May your Christmas be sweet just like fresh honey made by bees. 
Merry Christmas to you kiddo. 

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time the Elf, Rudolph and Santa got into the hot bath tub, 
As it would keep them from the cold outside, when they got a little scrub. 
When Frosty saw what they were doing he laughed and poked fun at them, 
Santa was so embarrassed and didn't know what to say to Frosty, his cutest gem. 
So in his defence he told Frosty to enter the hot bath tub instead of finding flaws.
He thought this would make Frosty realize what a cool idea it really was. 
But when Frosty got in, the temperature of the tub changed from hot to cold, 
And within seconds the Elf, Rudolph and Santa froze. 
They froze not just because it was too cold to bear, 
But they froze when they realized their culprit has melted in the hot tub there.
Poor Frosty! 

Christmas is coming my child

Christmas is coming my child 
Spread that smile along the way 
Christmas is coming my child 
Sing along and have your say 
Christmas is coming my child 
Be prepared to open up the gifts 
Christmas is coming my child, 
Sing along the lovely carols 
Have fun because that will be 
The best time to make memorable 
Moments and all along memory 
Merry Christmas to you my child!

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