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Bulleh Shah life history

Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri (Punjabi/Urdu: سید عبداللہ شاہ قادری‎) (Shahmukhi; 1680–1757) prominently known as Bulleh Shah (بلھے شاہ), was a Mughal-period Punjabi Islamic logician and Sufi writer. His first profound educator was Shah Inayat Qadiri, a Sufi murshid of Lahore. He was a Sayyid/Syed, a relative of the Prophet Muhammad.



Conceived:                   1680, Uch Sharif 

Passed on:                    1757, Kasur 

Complete name:          Syed Abdullah Shah Qadri 

Covered:                       Kasur 

Guardians:                  Shah Muhammad Darwish, Fatima Bibi



He was conceived in 1680 in Uch, Mughal Empire (present-day Pakistan). After his initial training, he went to Lahore where he met Inayat Arian and turned into his devotee.


Bulleh shah books.

The Book of Bulleh Shah

 Divan of Bulleh Shah

 Bulleh Shah: The Love-intoxicated Iconoclast

Bulleh Shah kehnde nen

 Bulleh shahSelected Poems

Bulleh Shah: A Selection

Seven 'Shahs' of Sufi Poetry ‑ Selected ...

Faizan e BaBa BULLEH SHAH 



He kicked the bucket in 1757, at 77 years old. He was covered in Kasur, and a dargah was worked over his grave. He was pronounced non-muslim by a couple "Mullah" of Kasur and it stands precluded to offer the burial service petition of Bulleh Shah. His burial service supplication was driven by Qazi Hafiz Syed Zahid Hamdani an extraordinary strict character of Kasur.



He was covered in Kasur when he kicked the bucket in 1757. There is a spotless and immense veranda which prompts the Tomb of Baba Bulleh Shah as you enter the holy place. The roof of the place of worship is embellished with the sections of Bulleh Shah in rich calligraphy. 

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