Anniversary Sms English Poems | Wedding English Poems Sms

Anniversary Sms English Poems | Wedding English Poems Sms

There is no way I can express:
There is no way to define perfection
Perfection is being close to you
Perfection is a way to see things in life
Perfection is way being with you
Perfection is living 5 years together
And sharing all my happiness with you
Perfect are the moments that made me
Perfection is better when I am with you
You make my life perfect and through
My love for you is true
Wishing happy 5th Anniversary to you!

You both stay blessed:
You both are like the pillars of strength,
Of all the things so might,
There may be many arguments,
But that in spite,
Your love has won over you
And, that just makes the two of you
So adorable together,
Stay blessed!
I wish you a happy anniversary!

When you came in my life:
When you came into my life
I had no idea how special you would be for me
It's in the day I think about you
And the nights are special too
My love you gave meaning to love
All the things that we shared all through
True love is only because of you
I can sense true love in your eyes
Being with you, I am a wiser
You have changed me for good
I love you all the way,
Just read it in my eyes' I won't say
Happy 5th Anniversary to you!

You made my world complete:
You made my world complete my love
You made my life so good
Getting a soul mate like you in life
Feel so blessed touch wood,
Not a day when I don't stay happy
Without you oh my love
With you, I smile all bright
The things that seem alright,
With you, I have all my happiness
And never a drop of tear
With you, I feel so protected
Not a feeling of fear
Love you for everything
Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary!
I have you in my life:
I have you and my life is complete
I have you in my life oh sweet
You changed it all with your love
You cared for me so much
You had a way to show along
To me all the love that belongs
Our love will remain forever
We were destined to be together
For all the moments that we spent
For all the memories to come
Happy 1st anniversary to you!
Our love will remain special with two!

Love is forever in time:
Love is forever and this is not a thought,
You have taught me that true love exists
Both of you have given a new definition to love
Both of you have respected each other in life
Helped each other in struggle and strive
So I also respect my parents for the same
Stay in love forever
Happy anniversary to both of you!
Both are really the chosen few!

Every year this day:
Every year on this day,
I don't have much to say,
Only a word thanks to giving you all the way,
You have made my life so special in every way,
Thanks for coming in my life my dear,
With you around, I feel no fear,
Wish you a happy anniversary!

Wonderful journey:
It has been such a wonderful journey with you,
That I can't even express,
You are the same person,
Who did impress,
I wish our bond stays till the end of time,
I want that you always remain mine,
Happy anniversary my dear!

I knew that you are the one:
I knew that you are the one for me
It was love at first sight for me
Love that can define my life
Love that happened between you and Me
It's in the purest form I can see
Can't live without you a moment my love
As my life revolves around you
After five years of being with you
I rest assured that I truly love you
I will forever stay this way
Make it happen and make you say
That we will have a wonderful life until the end
Happy 5th Anniversary to you!

Your love is true:
Your love can set an example for many to come
The respect that you guys have for each other
Is never lost in time
It's always there
The things which go unknown
And the things which I do see
I just have one thing on my mind
That both of you together is like ecstasy
So stay in love till the end of time
Proud to call you mine!
Happy anniversary mom and dad!

My dear mom and dad:
My dearest mom and dad
I feel so elated today on this day of love
Yes it's your anniversary I know
But I am equally excited
And I really want to show
And make it special for you guys
So, I would do much more and keep it a surprise
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed and in love forever!

You know I love you much:
You know that I love you so much
We have shared five years in bliss
Still, remember the first time we kissed
Still remember those wonderful moments
Time surely pasts too fast
One thing that remains in life
Is the love that we share my wife
So surreal and so tender it is
So passionate and loving to be
It's all the more wonderful when you are around
I just love your company
My love will love you forever to see
Happy 5th Anniversary to you!

The beauty of love remains:
The beauty of love remains forever
It always has that glow and light
When you are in my life my dear
My world is a tad more bright,
Brighter you have made my days
Brighter is my world with you
I just want to confess in all
That my love for you is so true
Will never hurt you I promise you
And never go far away
Our love is passionate as we are
It will always stay
On this lovely day
Just want to wish you
Very happy Anniversary my dear,
With smiles and cheer!

One year of love:
One year of togetherness,
Have got both of you so close
So express your love again
With a cute rose
And revive your year that has gone by
Of all the moments you have spent together
Of all the love and high
Raise a toast,
Wish you a very happy first anniversary!
So much time has passed:
So much time has passed in life
So much time I think to wind
One thing that has not changed between,
Is the love we share and kind
You have always been there for me
Whether in my sorrows or my glee
My life has been so beautiful
A lovely journey and in destiny
Want to thank you from my heart
So today on this day, it was a start
Thank you for coming in my life
Making it more memorable with you ways
Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary,
And we will have an awesome day!

I will take a cue:
I will take a cue from both of you
When I get married in life and new
Of all the sacrifices you made to work
And keep the relationship going strong
Indeed to one another, you guys belong
So stay in love forever my parents
Happy anniversary mom and dad!
Stay blessed!

I find peace:
I find the peace in your arms
I find solace in you
Its been 5 years of bliss with you
Thank you for all the love and care
I know that you are always there
I love you a lot
From my every thought
Happy 5th anniversary to you!

Its been an amazing journey with you:
It has been five amazing years being with you
It has been five amazing years of togetherness
Sharing all the joys and likes
Doing things that our hearts do like
It has been a great journey of love
It has been a journey of life so good
I pray that we stay forever this way
In your love. My life is pleasant to touch wood
So as I wish you a very happy anniversary
I wish many more years to stay this way
Happy 5th Anniversary.As it's a special day!

Stay blessed:
Happy wedding anniversary to the most wonderful couple I know,
You guys are simply amazing,
So much love and so much care,
Today this day I did a special payer,
To keep you guys happy forever,
May you always stay in bliss,
And separate never,
Stay in love and blessed,
Happy anniversary!

Thank God for you:
I thank God each and every day,
For sending you into my life.
I can't think of anything else to say,
But I thank God for making you, my wife.
Happy Anniversary to you.

As you take the wedding vow today:
As you take the wedding vow today
Feel awesome and celebrate his day
Your feelings for that special one
And happiness in your heart
You will become the most important part
Of someone now in life,
So spread the magic of your smile today
As it's quite an eventful day
It's your wedding oh my dear
Sing along and spread that cheer
Because the journey of life has just begun,
Congrats on your wedding day
Stay blessed all the way!

It makes life worth living:
Love is the most powerful thing,
It makes your heart sing,
Marriage is a commitment for life,
Of getting along in every while,
So, be blessed on this occasion today,
It's not an ordinary day,
It's your wedding day,
Stay blessed!

The life in love:
A game of love is about to start,
So, play it with all your heart,
It will have all the passion and care,
There will always be there,
Someone for you in life,
Someone in all your strive,
The game of love is about to start,
So, stay blessed!

Celebrating Our Togetherness:
Your life is now mine,
Together we will shine,
We will always stay this way,
Come what may,
I promise to be with you till the end of time,
For me, you will always remain prime,
I love you so much!

That lovely gown of yours:
That lovely gown and that tiara on the head
Feel special as it's your day my friend
When you will hold the hand and kiss
Not a moment will be missed
Your besties will stand behind you
And make the moment memorable for you
Your loved ones will bless you along the way
And you will have an emotional say
Today it's your day so cherish this day with love
Wedding is special and you will know for sure
All the meanings and fun galore
Congrats on your wedding day!

Small moments in life:
Small moments also make life so big
I want to make my moments to remember
As it's my last day of being single
As I would not be able to mingle
With anyone beyond that you know
So to celebrate this I am throwing a party
I want all of you to be there
You will come to my party if you really care
For me
Ok so see you there to have some fun
In my bachelor's party!

As you begin your life today:
As you begin a new life today,
There will be joy in your heart each day
You will make many memories to come
You will have a reason to smile
A perfect company of your partner to be
All the happiness that is destined
You are going to start something new
It's the feeling of something special for you
So on this joyous occasion of your wedding
I want to wish you a lovely life ahead
Many congrats on your wedding day!

Wish you all the love and happiness:
Blissful marriage and blissful life
You will have a blissful way
Just hold your partner and say
That your love will never ever end
Marriage is the purest form of emotion
A love that has no loose end
So stay together and stay happy all your life
Because this is just the start of another life
I wish that you get all the happiness that you deserve
Congrats to you on your wedding day
Have a wonderful life ahead of your way!

When two hearts meet:

When two hearts become one,
The purpose meets the role,
Getting along with someone special,
Shows the happiness from the soul,
Of dreams of tomorrow to come,
Of things that are yet to come,
  1. To a new journey behold, 
For a very special role!

On your special day:
On your special wedding day
I wish you sweet happiness along
The true love in your life that belongs
Things that are left unsaid
Things which are left to love
Start your new life with a smile
All the way and all the while
Congrats on your wedding day!

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