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Corona-virus Treatment (COVID-19) | Corona-virus Live Updates In World

 Corona Virus Updates 

Here is a rundown of Corona-virus Patients and Others in Pakistan. 

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 Last update=====SAT - 09/05/20   08:30 PM 










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  • SINDH:                                      10,771
  • PUNJAB:                                    10,471
  • BALOCHISTAN:                       1,876
  • ISLAMABAD:                             609
  • GILGIT BALTISTAN:                  430
  • AZAD KASHMIR:                      79


  • SINDH:                                     180
  • BALOCHISTAN:                       24
  • GILGIT BALTISTAN:                04
  • PUNJAB:                                  194
  • ISLAMABAD:                             04


Corona-virus was first found in China, which spread such a lot that individuals began getting tainted with this infection everywhere throughout the world. This is an infection that has not yet gotten any treatment that is the reason individuals are biting the dust from this infection.

In all World, This Virus has assaulted and made the most perilous impacts in all world. Be that as it may, Don't Worry we will let you know here certain Tips where from you will Get Relief. Right now, the impact of this has spread such a lot that each individual is concealing home from the dread of this individual. 

On account of this infection, it has perused a ton of effect on business. What's more, as of now in the entire world, there is a great deal of effect on May hat. At the point when this infection showed up in Pakistan, its treatment was handily assimilated.

Corona-virus Treatment Vaccine 

Corona-virus Treatment Vaccine not yet distraught yet right now and all Scientists accept that they will make this Corona-virus Vaccine. 

Corona-virus Treatment 

The treatment of this infection was not found in the entire world, however, the treatment of this has just been told in Islam. All the researchers of China have persuaded this thing that the treatment given in Islam is 100% working. You can evade this infection by utilizing the strategy depicted in Islam. 

Corona-virus Treatment in Islam 

There are just 2 different ways to maintain a strategic distance from this Virus in Islam. 

  1. Supplication 
  2. Utilization of Onion


CoronaVirus Treatment by Prayer


At the point when you implore multiple times then this infection Removed from your Body. By drinking water and utilizing water over and again, this infection can be destroyed. Simply Pray 5 Times you won't get an infection. 

In Pakistan, individuals have been spared from this infection by utilizing this training persistently.

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 Corona-virus Treatment from Onion 


In the event that We read Quran Pak, at that point, there are all issue Solutions yet we don't do as such. We Forget to ALLAH But Allah has not overlooked us. Consider us 5 times each day. 

On the off chance that we execute the hadith, at that point we get the treatment of this infection in the hadith. 

It is written in the hadith that our dearest Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) requested. "At the point when you wake up starting with one nation then onto the next or another, at that point you should eat onion there. You don't get any sickness by eating onions." 

  • Eat Onion without Water. 
  • Try not to Drink Water in the wake of eating Onion in any event 15 Minutes. 
  • Presently You Can Check Your Corona-virus and Do Test it will be Finished. 


 The Most Effective Method To Avoid From Corona-virus 


You can keep away from corona-virus by these a few Tips. 
  • Put Mask on Your Face. 
  • Try not to Eat Some Thing in Open Area or Market. 
  • Don't Handshake. 
  • Try not to eat and drink each other's liars. 
  • Do Pray 5 Times. 
  • Use Onion in Your Lunch. 

Generously Share this Treatment to your Lovers, Friends, and to all which you know. 

what's more, Remember me in your Prayer. I will Pray for all People Which are engaged with this infection.

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