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Do you know how to get Rs 12,000 under the Emotion program?

Under the Prime Minister's Emotion program, 

the distribution of Rs 12,000 cash has been started among 

the beneficiaries, 

but do you know what the procedure is
for getting assistance through this program?

Under the Prime Minister's sense program, 
distribution of cash amount of Rs

Sanya Nishtar, Chairperson of the Emotion Program, 
says that this morning, 4 crores 30 lakh 44 thousand 60 
SMSs have been received for 
the Emergency Emergency Cash Program.

If you know someone you know or feel deserving, 
send an SMS to ID card 8171 
and ask if you are eligible for this help, he said.

If you qualify for the assistance, 
you will be notified via a reply SMS and will be informed 
at which center of your area you can get cash.

Dr. Sania Nishtar further said 
that people should submit their data to 
NADRA properly so that their 
the latest data is available to the government.

It is to be remembered that Prime Minister Imran Khan 
had said yesterday that due to the coronavirus, 
one crore 20 million families will be provided with 
money under the Sense program.

Imran Khan said that we will distribute 
Rs 144 billion to the lower classes, 
there is no political interference in the sensation program, 
data of people are being sent through
SMS will be scrutinized.

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