Romantic Urdu Novels | Urdu Best Novels List

Romantic Urdu Novels | Urdu Best Novels List

There are numerous sentimental Urdu books that have made individuals sincerely and mentally mindful of the severe real factors of life. 

Be it writing or film, sentiment has for some time been the most loved of the individuals of Pakistan. 

With regard to Urdu books, Pakistan has delivered numerous extraordinary authors whose work shows incredible ability and profundity. 

These books have presented individuals with physical love just as profound love. 

A portion of the authors known for their work in the sentimental sort incorporates Umairah Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, and Sehar Sajid. 

Here is a rundown of a portion of the books 

I trust you like it and are keen on books

NoName Of BookAuthorType Of BookAdded On
 01  Kisi MehArban Na Aaky  Mahvish Choudhary  Romantic Urdu Novel  05/05/20
 02 Yeh Kheal Qismat kay     Fariha Choudary     Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
03 Justajo Salihah E Mansoori Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
04 Mujhy Jeena Ata Ha      Dar Shehwar Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
05 Hum Na to Younhi Dil Hara     Anaya Ahmed Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
06 Rishty Dil Kay     Hoor E Shumail Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
07 Mahi ve Mahvish Choudhary Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
08 Laghzish         Pariwash Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
09 Meezan E Muhabbat     Sumbal Kaleem Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
10 Ek Jadoogar Ki Dastaan          Zubair Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
11 Israr e Januon Salihah E Mansoori Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
12 Dharkano Ka Raqs   Mariah Mushtaq Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
13 Dua O Miraj          Khanzadi Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
14Meri Zesat Ka Hasil Ho Tum     Anaya Ahmed Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20   
15 Afat Ki Pasibaan    Raiha Mariyam Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
16 Daman      Zoya Hassan Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
17 Manzil E Maqsood         Khanzadi Romantic Urdu Novel 05/05/20
18 Yeh Hadsaat E Muhabbat        Subas Gul Romantic Urdu Novel Coming soon 
19 Ishq Nager Ka Musafir      Nida Hasnain Romantic Urdu Novel Coming soon
20 Zard Angan       Ruhi Farrukh Romantic Urdu Novel Coming soon

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